Enrolling for SOS Online.

IMPORTANT: This is a TWO STEP process. Please do the following two steps in order.

Do this two-step process to enroll a single child. If you have multiple children to enroll, you must complete these two steps for each child you wish to enroll.

 STEP 1  Fill in this Google Form.
This will enroll your child in SOS on July 20.
Clicking this link will open a Google Form in a new window.
Once you have completed the form, you can close the window.
 STEP 2  Pay for your SOS adventure with PayPal.
This will open a PayPal session in a new window.
If you don't have a paypal account, you can create an account at the PayPal site.
NOTE: Once you are inside PayPal, you can use your credit card.
After completing your payment, you can safely close the window.

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