SOS June 19, 2021 On-Line Secure Registration

Hello SOS customer.

We (the OKCROBOT team) have done SOS for several years. However, we are very inexperienced with providing an online registration. We are very concerned about your on-line security (as I'm sure you are too). That is why anything dealing with money, credit cards, etc is handled by a company that knows how to do it right (PayPal). Once we gather the data we need for SOS (child's name, etc), we will send you to the PayPal site where you can pay securely without fear of getting your personal identity or credit card information stolen.


Fill out the forms as best you can. Use full names whenever it asks for a name. When selecting a session for your child use the radio buttons along the left. Please pick sessions that are age/grade appropriate for your child.

Avoid using the browser's back button. When you get to the verification page, Please start over if you see something you need to change. We don't have a method for you (our customer) to make minor changes.

SOS June 19, 2021 On-Line Registration

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NOTE: If more than one child is attending from your family, you will get a chance to enter their names on the next webpage.

Child 1 day_session: (Pick one)
Grade 1-3: STEM activities ($50)
Grade 4-6: STEM activities ($50)