Science *CAN* be fun! (and also educational)

  • Are you searching for a fun-filled, hands-on science and technology experience for your child?
  • Are you interested in an exciting but inexpensive Saturday activity for your child?

S.O.S. is for you! It is 5 hours of fun-filled science.


Dear Folks,

We are sorry, but for some reason it doesn't seem that there is much interest in the December 10th SOS.

Therefore, we will be postponing this SOS until some time next year, and we are returning the checks to those who have paid.

We will send out emails when we have another SOS scheduled and you can watch our website for further information about SOS and the other things our team is involved in.

Thank you for your interest and, again, we are sorry this did not work out. We were looking forward to seeing your kids.

May you have a happy and Christ-filled Christmas and may the peace of God that this season celebrates dwell in your heart.

In Christ,
Stuart Boyes Coach OKC Homeschool Robotics Team Larry McWilliams Coach Oklahoma County 4-H Robotics Team