Science *CAN* be fun! (and also educational)

  • Are you searching for a fun-filled, hands-on science and technology experience for your child?
  • Are you interested in an exciting and educational Saturday activity for your child?

S.O.S. is for you! It is 5 hours of fun-filled science.

DATE: Saturday, December 8, 2018

LOCATION: 2500 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Session Topics and Times and cost


Grade in school Session One: 9 AM - 11:30 AM Lunch Session Two: 12:30 PM - 3 PM
Grades 1-2 Problem Solving, $40 ($30 if early) pizza and
Robot Demo
Scientific Experiments, $40 ($30 if early)
Grades 3-4 Lego Robotics, $40 ($30 if early) Projectiles and ancient siege weapons $135
($125 if early)
Grades 5-8 Projectiles and ancient siege weapons $135
($125 if early)
Lego Robotics, $40 ($30 if early)

Enrollment is limited! Register early before space fills up.

The early enrollment discount price ends at 11:59 PM, December 1, 2018.

Three ways to enroll

  1. ONLINE Method 1 Follow this link
  2. ONLINE Method 2
    1. Print out the Enrollment form, fill it in, then take a picture of it.
    2. email the picture to:
    3. We will then send you a paypal invoice so that you can pay online using paypal.
  3. BY CHECK as described below:
    1. print out the following Pre Enrollment form:
      Pre Enrollment Form
      If you are enrolling more than two children, you will need to print multiple copies. There is a family discount.
    2. Completely fill out required form(s)
    3. Calculate the amount due based upon sessions desired, and if you want us to provide your child with lunch.
    4. Write a check to The OKC Homeschool 4-H Robotics Team
    5. Mail the check and the completed form(s) to the following address:

    6. SOS Pre-Enrollment
      Stuart Boyes, 4-H Robot Leader
      2104 N. Minnie Lane
      Oklahoma City, OK 73127

    7. A confirmation email will be sent back to verify enrollment