YouTube Videos related to FRC Robotics

Professionally Done Prmotional Video about FIRST. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Christian Stinson is a student on FRC Team 931. This is a great story about why he got involved in robotics
A mixture of various FIRST promotional videos. Miranda is a female student on Team 931. She is proof that girls can excel at robotics.
My Robot is Better Than Your Robot. A video about robotics from a bunch of celebrity's talking about science. In their opionion, "Geeks and Nerds are the coolest people on the planet" Charlie Blair is a mentor for FRC team 931. Robotics from a Mentor's perspective. About one minute into the vidoe, Charile tells a very touching story that exemplifies the concept of Gracious Professionalism.

Videos related to BEST Robotics

Promotional Video for BEST robotics. Designed to get students excited about doing BEST robotics.

Videos about 4-H and Robotics within 4-H

Promotional Video talking about robotics within the 4-H Youth Organization.
What is 4-H ?