The 2011 OKBEST competition

Every year the OKBEST competition is one of the biggest highlights of the BEST season. This year was no exception. The OKC Homeschool team showed their colors (jade), their team spirit, and their excellence in building and driving robots.

A driver and a spotter getting ready for a match.

Jason navigates the robot out of the starting gate. It's a stressfull life for an OKBEST driver. Will the robot perform for him? Will he be able to grab some bugs and score?

Team spirit is an important part of game day. Here we see Sophie getting her face painted.

Another aspect of the competition is the team promotional display. The OKC Homeschool puts a lot of effort to come up with the best display every year. This years display centered around the theme of the competition "BUGS".

Inside the promotional display is a video the students put together based upon the BUGS theme.

If this picture seems a little blurry to you, It's probably because it's hard to get these students in our cheering section to stand still.

The OKC Homeschool Robot is poised and ready to drop its payload of bugs into the scoring area.

At the end of the competition, the OKC Homeschool robot team accepts their awards. This picture shows Jennifer and our head coach accepting the 2nd place overall BEST award. We also placed 4th in the robot award.